Read what others have said about FORGIVEN:

Phil Enloe - Pastor & Singer

I’ve known Forgiven for several years now and have sat under their ministry several times at our church. Our people always enjoy them for so many reasons. Their music is excellent and anointed, their spirit sensitivity is exceptional and their personal lives are a testimony of their love and dedication to the Lord. They choose their repertoire of songs to present the Gospel in Joy, Love, Forgiveness and Restoration. And, though they are professionally capable of entertaining audiences differing musical preferences they clearly exhibit their call to the ministry. Once you’ve experienced this exceptional music ministry team you’ll understand everything I’ve mentioned. I couldn’t recommend any group any higher than FORGIVEN.

Bill Bailey
Pastor & Gospel Music Promoter, Sarasota, FL

I have a new group for many of you to check out - Forgiven! We had them at our church recently on a Sunday night, and they overwhelmed us. I am not sure what I expected, but they definitely exceeded expectations. If you like great harmony, traditional music, and a wonderful program, this group excels in all three.

Roy Pauley - The Singing News

I have always been a firm believer that Gospel Music must carry a simple and understandable message of Christ's great love for the human race. Along with this message of love, I have also stayed true to the notion that God’s message should at all times be sung with quality and dignity. No group personifies these elements of singing any better than FORGIVEN. Cloid, Debbie and Jeremy, as they present their musical message across the United States of Christ's birth, perfect life, death, resurrection and soon return, are also careful that their songs are presented with great taste and with that certain touch of class which sets them apart from and makes them special. I've enjoyed and admired the wonderful talent of Forgiven for a number of years. I believe their goal is to point men, women, boys and girls to the Christ who is so anxious and able to meet our great spiritual needs. Cloid, Debbie and Jeremy continue to accomplish this with a certain class that appeals to all their listeners. I'm proud to endorse this tremendous group of singers and Christians. Their love for the One they sing about always shines through each time they take to the Gospel stage. Thank you, Forgiven!

Gerald Wolfe - Greater Vision

I've known Forgiven for many years, and have always been impressed with their talent, but more importantly, their heart for the Lord and their dedication to their ministry. I'm honored to count them as personal friends."

Andrew Phipps - Phipps Gospel Sing

Over the past thirty (30) years, it has been a great blessing to be associated with some of the nation’s best known and best-loved southern Gospel groups. Whether in concert, radio and/or television, it truly has been a great opportunity to get to know and to make many, wonderful friends. The FORGIVEN consisting of Cloid and Debbie Baker and Jeremy , from the Lawrenceburg, Indiana, area are dear friends to Shirlean and myself. Not only do they have a clean, pure, authentic Southern Gospel sound, they sing great songs from a repertoire of the classics with a blend of good material from current writers like Rodney Griffin. I do appreciate the Christian testimony of FORGIVEN. In a day when many people do not ascribe to the traditional Christian values of humility, honesty, and heart-felt convictions based upon sound Biblical principles, not only does FORGIVEN sing well, they espouse conservative dress that is tasteful and appropriate; they keep their word; they are honest and very hard working, but they truly are doing their best to uplift the Lord Jesus Christ and are trying to win others to the Kingdom. I would recommend Cloid, Debbie, and Jeremy to your church or to your organization if you truly want class singing done by courteous and sincere people who will truly indeed be a blessing to your congregation and membership. FORGIVEN is a group who truly say without apology, they sing because they are FORGIVEN!!!

Lily Weatherford - Gospel Recording Artist

In the Gospel Singing business, I have the opportunity to hear many groups. As I listen, I suppose you could say I listen for everything. This group, with Cloid & Debbie Baker and Jeremy truly are my kind of group. They sing and present the gospel with quality, dignity and the expertise of experienced musicians and singers. They have worked closely with the local church and have a keen sense of the need in the church. They are a refreshing group with a close blend and close harmony. I know them all personally, and their lives mirror the message of the Christ they sing about. I count it a special privilege to put my seal of approval on them, and encourage anyone to use them for any special service or concert.

Gary Jackson
Pastor, Friendship Baptist Church, Cincinnati, OH

I first met Cloid and Debbie fifteen years ago while they were serving as the Minister of Music and Pianist for Friendship Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Since then I have come to know and love their family. Cloid and Debbie’s adult children’s lives are testimonies to having been raised to serve the Lord. The Bakers are a blessing when singing in their own local church and you will find that they have a serving spirit and are sensitive to meeting the needs of your local church. Their heartbeat has always been to lift up Christ through sincere praise and Christ honoring music. They have the highest personal standards and conduct their business in a most professional manner. Forgiven is a group I can recommended with no reservations.

Dr. Harold B. Graves
Retired, Southerwestern Ohio District Superintendent, Church of the Nazarene

I am delighted to recommend FORGIVEN. This duo is made up of outstanding people who are not only excellent singers, but also delightful people. I have had the opportunity of being with them for special services and their spirit and music lifts up Christ. You will not be disappointed in having this group in your church. They will be a blessing to you and your people.

Dr. Jim Harkins, Sr.
American Gospel Ministries, Ft. Walton Beach, FL

What a joy to be "forgiven"! Not only can we be forgiven of Our Lord...but we can see and hear "Forgiven", these ordained Ministers of Our Lord. Of the hundreds of Gospel Singers with whom we have ministered, our favorite and most cherished group is "Forgiven". Music that appeals to all generations is present from their first to last song on each recording and even more precious as we hear and see them in concert. Having been unforgettably blessed by the early songs of The Gaithers and The Bill Gaither Trio, we see them resurrected in Forgiven. The tones of each song carry the indelible sounds of the Weatherford-Gaither era which lives today in Forgiven. For four years American Gospel Ministries has gotten excited over the approaching month of August because our August is Forgiven Time! Songs and groups come and go but the songs of Forgiven are as new and refreshing as they were forty years ago...and they never age because they are the pieces of heaven sent down to us rarely but profoundly, that remind us of Jesus... and the Heaven where we will someday return those songs to Him...and sing around His Throne.

Pastor Emeritus Preston Richardson
Friendship Baptist Church, Cincinnati OH

I have known Cloid and Debbie for over 25 years. They are extremely talented and dedicated individuals who lead committed, Christian lives. They have sung many times for our congregation, both during worship services and during special services, and are always a blessing, not only in their musical abilities, but, also in the way that they are spiritually sensitive to the flow of the service at all times. If your congregation appreciates quality, gospel music, presented with love and with a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s leading, they will be blessed by FORGIVEN.